The Method Behind State of Fitness Training

Have you ever wondered during a workout” “Why are we doing this?” Every part of a strength program is important for a variety of reasons. The “Why? “may be the Motivation or reason we need to make sure that we do not spare any particular part of our training.

Foam Roller / Fabric Preparation

Warming up and preparing our muscles for training is not only important for your safety during the session, but also contributes to the longevity and recovery of your future workouts. Imagine our muscles and tissues as a glass of playing dough. When you take it out of the container for the first time, it is difficult and difficult to work. You need to work with the dough and knead it to easily shape it into the desired shapes. Think of this part of our workout as “kneading the dough”.”


Mobility is something I hear most people say they miss. Mobility training helps to increase flexibility and freedom of movement and prepare our body for the specific movement patterns imitated in the strength and conditioning parts of your workout. Mobility training should not be considered before training. Taking the time to get up and stretch from time to time, or doing mobility exercises before bed can help improve sleep, as well as the overall recovery of muscles and joints after a busy day


Power is something we lose as we get older. Generating muscle strength is the ability to move your body dynamically with intensity and be able to stop or rotate your body quickly.

For example, with the medicine ball throw, when we tell you to “throw the ball through the wall,” we really want to see the force behind the throw.


For some, building muscle and physique, chasing a personal best or just the pleasure of lifting weights is the drive we need to train. For others, increasing bone density, lowering blood pressure and recharging metabolism may be what makes you put on your workout shoes. Whatever your reasoning, a fully functional fitness strength Routine that is trained regularly and frequently will help in all aspects of life. The next time you bend a Kettlebell deadlift or arm in a row, think about how these movements can improve stability and strength when picking up a grandchild, carrying a heavy crate, or even opening a car door.

Air conditioning

Exercises such as skiing, cycling, rowing are all activities that increase endurance and support our cardiovascular health and aerobic capacity. Training at different lengths of time and intensity is a way to adapt to the different scenes of our day, such as walking on a trail or pushing a heavy cart at the grocery store.

Once the Question “Why?” the next question, which follows and is answered only by consistency and Coaching, is: “How can I do it well, of course, in a gradual way?” I’ll show you the next session. I’ll see you on the lawn.

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