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Today was the second time I rowed with another person. Usually it’s just me, the headphones and the rowing machine, I go into the rut and row. Today it was different, I had a good company to row with, we talked laughing and I really enjoyed it!

The series was simple, which is obviously easier than a speed interval session, with these types of sessions I really think a little comfort helps because you can concentrate more and focus on achieving that goal. On the other hand, if you want them to have a little company to keep you from shortening the session, then training with a partner or friend is the way to go. If you have someone to train next to you and do the same session, it will certainly be more difficult to give up than when you are alone.

Having camaraderie during training also helps with motivation and gives you a little more enthusiasm for the session. You may also feel like you are sharing the pain, which makes the “pain” less uncomfortable. If your urge to exercise looks like an uphill action and you don’t have the support of a PT, maybe the best thing to do is to find that workout buddy!

It could be that work friend who wants to start a class after work, or the friend who wants to join the gym but is too intimidated to do it alone. Having company gives everyone a little more confidence to start new things, and even if your business stops, it has given you that little push to get started, and hopefully the habit has formed so that you can stay there yourself.

So, if you feel that your motivation for your exercise is slowly decreasing, or if you need that little extra boost to finish the sessions, maybe you should think about finding that new training partner who could be at work, in your social circle or even at home. Find that person and I hope you get that mojo back and that it boosts your fitness again by helping you progress and achieve the goals you set for yourself!

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