Optimal Nutrition: Unraveling the Fitness Equation – Part 2

Last week I started a topic that I am working on personally. How fit do you need to be? I represented a little pyramid of how I address my health and fitness at this point in my life. This week in Part 2 of a 7-part blogging series.

Nutrition is the foundation of the CrossFit pyramid, and after learning some hard lessons in my fitness class, nutrition is also the foundation of my pyramid. Many people know that I spent most of 2018 and 2019 trying to get myself healthy again. I took 14 months without alcohol, 105 days without sugar, tested ketosis and finally found out that nutrition is the most important key to a healthy life and performance.

In your twenties, you can get away with treating your body like an asshole. Eat what you want, and if you train hard, then in a way you can train your diet. Add children, life, stress, this and that, as well as sleep deprivation. I could not keep body fat in the same way as I used to do. As you can see in this photo, a few extra pounds have accumulated. Things had to change.

I did a series of blood tests, and cholesterol was not where it should be, and also, my testosterone was very low. My first thought was that this is why I earn fat, low testosterone. Not that my increased body fat, stress, poor diet caused my low testosterone. Interesting thought process there. The first thought process eliminated any personal responsibility for how I lived my life; the second thought was because of the choices I made, and the way I lived caused me a bad state of health. Personal responsibility, something that is empty in some segments of our society these days. I almost cracked myself.

My wife, my health care mentor, said that if I take care of my body for a year, and if my blood work, more importantly, my testosterone does not return to normal after a year, then I can consider hormone therapy. The Lord knows, as a man in his thirties, I do not want to suffer from a low T. In order not to relive this story again, but after a year of searching for a perfect diet, all my blood tests, body composition, health and well-being have returned to the level optimaux.Je should live as a leading company in the health and fitness industry.

It started with nutrition. I found out that my body type is an endomorph (my body loves fat and does not like carbohydrates), so I coped very well with a paleo diet and carbohydrates around welded class workouts. It took me a year of tests, notes and adjustments to figure out what works best for me. A year? That sounds long. Today I have a year after this trip, and apart from the added stress of society, I feel better and more successful than ever.

Recent times closed I had a few drinks, more than usual. But I clung to my healthy diet quite strongly. Today I continue to adopt healthy eating habits, my biggest fault is not eating enough. Spending a year focusing on my diet has changed a lot of habits, and now those habits are part of who I am. Now living a healthy lifestyle is not a chore, but what I am. Nutrition is the foundation of every health.

Nutrition is not complicated after all, but it takes time to learn what you need for yourself. Everyone is different and it takes time to optimize what you need to optimize performance.

The way you want to live optimally determines the efforts you have to devote to your diet, but by learning some important things, you can live a very healthy life with a few simple principles. The downside and the dirty secret. It takes work, discipline, responsibility for oneself, and there are no shortcuts.

If you want to live a healthy life, you have to work. You’re not alone, and the Double Edge community is stronger than ever. We are here to help you! If you have problems with your diet, book a consultation and we can spend some time developing a plan for you.

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