Maximizing Arm Growth The Power of Compound Exercises

It is often said that compound exercises are better mass builders than isolation exercises because they allow you to lift more weight.

For example, I’ve heard that chin pull-ups are the best way to build bigger biceps because you can lift more weight by doing chin pull-ups than you can make curls out of it.

Here is an example of the kind of things I mean:

“Chin pull-ups hit the biceps curls to build bigger arms. Chin-ups require you to lift more weight. They require you to lift your own body weight. A guy weighing 75 kg like me can easily develop the strength to make a chin slap.

“I can do weighted pull-ups with a plate of 20 kg for the representatives, which is equivalent to 95 kg in total. Try to make biceps curls at 95 kg or even 75 kg. More weight is always better to gain muscle. If you want bigger arms, do chin-ups instead of loops.”

But when you think about it, it makes little sense.

Isolation exercises against Compound arms

The reason you can lift more weight during a compound exercise like chin lifting compared to an isolation exercise like the barbell or dumbbell loop is because multiple muscles do the job.

In the matter of the dumbbell loop, the biceps are primarily responsible for shifting the weight from point A to point B.

But with a raised chin, lats, shoulders and biceps are all involved.

The work is distributed among several different muscles, which is why you can lift more weight.

It’s about the same story with a compound lift as bench press.

You can lift much more weight in bench press than in a single joint exercise like the skull grinder.

But this is due to the fact that bench press includes the chest, shoulders and triceps, while the skull grinder works only the triceps.

The amount of weight you lift during a particular exercise is less important than the amount of work performed by the muscles involved in that exercise.

Isolation exercises involve the use of lighter weights, since less muscles contribute to the movement. But this makes them no less effective than compound exercises to stimulate the growth of a particular muscle.

If compound lifts are all you do, especially if you are relatively new to lifting weights, your biceps and triceps will still grow.

Plus, if you have a few years of lifting on your account and you are glad that your biceps and triceps remain the same size as they are right now, these compound upper body exercises will do.

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