Healthy Home Habits Guide to Wellness Within Your Walls

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At this moment, during quarantine, it is easy to give in to bad life decisions. Cravings, Netflix frenzy and lack of body activity are always a temptation. It is a situation in which we can get stuck if we think that we will eventually make it or that we can always start tomorrow. I think we could give our own version of this and take this opportunity to take a close look at the habits we have when we are at home.

When we get to the gym, we know that we will be going in and out in about an hour. We have a start and an end point for training. The truth is that you still have about 12 hours or more a day! We only see you all for about an hour a day, but the rest of your life happens at work and at home. We can not fully realize some of the habits that we have formed at home. It’s easy to sit and nibble while watching TV and suddenly eat a whole bag of chips. It is difficult to keep track of all the snacks in the house with children and grandchildren. And if you’re a craft beer lover like me, it’s always tempting to try the brand new IPA on the shelf!

All these obstacles can hinder health goals or quality of life goals. Therefore, I suggest that we all look at what we have done during this time. Think about your goals and see if you are still working on achieving them in a healthy way. When we spend so much time at home, we have a unique opportunity to see what we are doing when we face the challenge of staying indoors. Did we eat more? What types of food did we buy to refuel? Have you cooked more? What ingredients did you collect? Did we eat after in the evening? How many times a week do we train? All these questions are a starting point to analyze what we are doing at home.

Habits or celebrations help me to keep myself in check. I have a morning routine that consists of drinking my greens and taking my fish oil in the morning. After doing this for so long, I don’t really have to think about it anymore, it just happens out of habit. That’s the key. Set specific moments or actions for things to do and continue the process until it becomes second nature. I have my days that I know I will train.

Usually when I dress to train, it will happen. Due to the quarantine, my new mental indicator absorbs my aminated energy. If I do that, I know I’m going to train. When I go shopping, I still make sure that I do not come out on an empty stomach. I also carry the table of groceries that Justin did, which helps me remember what I should buy. Shopping in the middle to upper range is a positive point for me!

Remember, we have a lot of information online for you! From health recipes and tips to online workouts now! Just because we are not open to the gym, it does not mean that you cannot contact us for consultations via Facebook Live or a video chat! I urge you to look at some healthy habits you have and understand how you made this change. I also want you to take a look at some things you might want to improve. Create a game plan to make changes and contact a coach so we can help you!

All in all, this is not the ideal situation for health and fitness, but we are finding new ways to interact and stay healthy. While we are at home, let’s make the most of it and focus on positive changes! Hopefully we can look back and say that we have become stronger and more resilient!

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