Embrace Strength Don’t Fear Building Muscle

In women, there is a fear that lifting weights will make them bulky and look like The Incredible Hulk. Fortunately, this is far from the truth, because when you lift your body weight, dumbbells or barbell, you build lean muscles and change the shape of your body, which makes you slimmer without the huge muscles that you fear. In turn, the muscle you build burns more calories throughout the day, which helps to boost your metabolism, maintain muscle tone and prevent weight gain after a certain age.

The first thing I need to cover is the huge muscles that won’t grow! Men are much more muscular than women by nature, they produce a muscle building hormone called testosterone, we women do not produce as much of this hormone as men and we are not here to build muscles like men, women who build bigger muscles use a lot of supplements and they usually compete In the end, the statement I often hear from women – “I don’t want to get too muscular” – is actually scientifically impossible!

Look, if you want to look smaller, slimmer and tighter, there are ways to do this, for example, using a variety of resistance exercises, such as bodyweight exercises, using free weights, Kettlebells or dumbbells. All these devices will help you achieve your muscle building goal, but you will also need to support your post-workout recovery by consuming the right nutrients – protein is super important and vital for the growth and recovery of your muscles – and give yourself enough rest so that your muscles can recover after the workout load. When these two vital signs are reached, your muscles will repair and become stronger for good.

A varied workout with a mixture of resistance and cardio is probably the best to achieve the above results, many women fail here because they only see Cardio as the only form of exercise to burn calories. Yes, running is probably the best form of fat loss exercise you can do, it’s free and you can do it almost anywhere, but it won’t tone you up and might even help you lose essential muscle tone.try to win and remember that in old age we need to To counteract this, you need to add strength training to your running program.It also helps you stay health-issue-free while running, as it strengthens the muscles around your joints – the knees and ankles – and also can help you run faster too.

Adding a HIIT workout to your program is a sure way to get rid of fat. This short form of training helps to hit the muscles that contract quickly, which is important for muscle building if you run, cycle or row for long periods of time, then these types of sessions will build the muscles that contract slowly that support endurance so that your aerobic system improves, but therefore it is a good idea to add 1-2 HIIT workouts per week to mix it up, only 1-2 are enough, because too much high intensity can lead to an increased risk of health-issue and illness.

Another of the main ways to improve your muscle tone is to challenge yourself, do more repetitions, lift more weights. If you don’t make an effort, just stay on an even keel and reach a Plateau. This will definitely affect your Motivation and reduce your enthusiasm, because you will not get the results that you are working towards.

Essentially, it must be uncomfortable to get what you want! Do not just go through the movements, you need to feel sweaty at the end, strain your muscles, these will be the days that will help you achieve your final goals, believe me, if you feel comfortable being uncomfortable, then everything will be fine.

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